I was so excited to read this. For so long I've had this sense that success, for me, is about paying attention to the ordinary, beautiful things that really matter. As I've leaned into this way of being - valuing the housework, cooking, gardening and most of all mothering - I've noticed that these things are invisible in this culture and have battled with feeling like a loser because I'm not motivated to chase ay kind of external badge of success anymore. My body just says no!

I don't think these tasks should be seen as 'women's work' but I do believe that they should have their dignity and value restored to them, no matter who chooses to do them. All my life I have believed that success was 'out there' somewhere. Now I feel in my bones that it is right here in the middle of ordinary, messy home life. I'm fortunate enough to be in a position to choose (mostly) how I spend my time but it's taken years of inner work to arrive at a place where I'm willing to be seen as less successful in the eyes of society so I can come home to myself and my family. I hope your incredible words open this possibility to other women if their hearts are calling them in this direction x

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So so here for this conversation. I’m currently off instagram and just in life and in the home and it feels so fcking nourishing after so many years of following every invitation out of the home.

Espesh in the self help world.... “the permission “to have aspirations be valuable in my life but also be secondary to the child/children I dreamed of and my absolute deepest work ... is so appreciated.

Love your musings on this so thanks xxxx

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