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I love this so much. And it resonates with every fiber of my being. The more I grow into motherhood and my marriage, the more I feel I just want to be home. With my kids. Supported by my beautiful man. What a beautiful privilege. I love home tending. This IS the season of home, indeed. Thank you for sharing, as always xxx

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Love you so much. Couldn’t have a more similar experience. Xo

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Lovely Peta, thank you.

Always when I read something like this from you, it warms my heart.

I have my own share of times when I strive to be somewhere else but home, always to find I got sidetracked by some or other unnecessary things, usually proving myself to the world I am worthy.

I wonder. You lived your success already, you had the big business years, you are able to tell now this is how you want it.

I wonder if it can be skipped, this part of life, mother peacefully eventhough I did not reach for stars yet.

Sending love,


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