Welcome to the best selling Substack publication, The Pk Diaries. 

Pk here.

I am a counter cultural and (self titled) cool mum of 3 to Sol, Pax and Figgy. I call myself an ex-lady boss turned modern home maker— I bake bread, home school, home birth and I’m an uber creative and a savvy investor.

I’ve been many other things to the world and to my community of over 10+ years— published research scientist, three-time author, speaker, leader, mentor, philanthropist, creator of *Insert brand, project, movement here*. I’ve had lots of success, made top 10 lists and been a devoted seeker — But these diaries tell the story of life beyond seeking and status… the fresh meadow of peace beyond artificial exaltation. Here I share life beyond the self indulgent self help world. You know the one.

I’ve undergone metaphorical heart surgery recently— God has swooped on in and reorganised my little ticker and in these pages I share the twists and turns in the life of me, a truth seeker, liberty lover, sometimes funny bugger with an insatiable appetite for Europe (and my farmhouse in Italy), devotee to the art of the perfect matcha and mega nerd in the field of wellbeing and lifestyle.

My kids are currently home schooled/world schooled and the exploration of school, is another that we’ll have inside these energised entries. I live unconventionally and I see unconventionally, so strap in.

Here, I explore my (wobbly) sanctification at the hands of Jesus, including things I used to teach and preach about that I now cringe at (lovingly). These are pages for honest tales of motherhood, faith, wellness, creativity— essentially my own pursuit of Truth, goodness and beauty,

I hope reading the diaries feels like being part of a secret club where you snuggle into that soft velvety arm chair, hot tonic of your choice in hand, free to let out the 'ahhhhhhh' that comes with fresh honesty and personal storytelling.

Here you'll snuggle in for regular doses of insider tales and bountiful invitations to a rich life beyond seeking and status (we've been there, done that).

May you laugh, may you nod with that special feeling of 'I can't believe she thinks that too'. May you enjoy the deliciousness of long form writing and intentional exchange, beyond the loudness of social media.

This publication is a living book. You read and receive my explorations in real time.

Thank you for being here, and for supporting my art, and art in general.

All glory to God!

Love, PK. XX

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Diaries of a cool Mum of 3. Ex-Lady Boss turned Modern Home maker. Here you’ll find honest explorations on faith, motherhood, wellbeing, business, lifestyle and... lattes. Wholesome and spicy. Fresh air and a little comedy (you be the judge).


Peta Kelly 

Wife & Cool mum of 3. Modern home maker, wellness nerd, creator, investor. Cafe dweller, Jesus follower. Here I share honest explorations of faith, motherhood, wellbeing, lifestyle and sometimes simply a good matcha latte. X